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The traditions

Producing wine at Masseria Cicella is not like doing it anywhere. In these places, history, art and culture greatly affect every moment of our work. We care for each and every year because we bring each of its clusters to maturity and listen to the rest of the wines in the religious silence of a quiet corner of our winery.

We carry on our vineyards, respecting the environment and the territory without which nothing could be our work, so it is fundamental to give importance to the roots, the uniqueness of the land and the creativity in the local production. We think with love and work with passion by cultivating the vineyards with the conviction that even the greatest traditions can be improved from day to day.

The territory

Masseria Cicella's production sites are located in the golden triangle between the municipalities of Torricella, Lizzano and Maruggio in the province of Taranto. This is the best area for the production of Primitivo di Manduria which we cultivate, traditionally, exclusively in small Apulian tree without irrigation, while for other varieties, we practice a cultivation predominantly gouyot.

Michele and Cosimo Schifone

The perfect terroir for Primitivo di Manduria

The whole area is characterized by clay soil produced by the disintegration of limestone rich in minerals and iron that give the characteristic red color to the earth. This red earth has excellent drainage characteristics compared to most clay soils, which is why it is a perfect soil for wine production.

Primitivo di Manduria bunches

The vineyards

The vines have always been part of the Apulian landscape and have been cultivated for thousands of years on these lands in the middle of uncontaminated nature. The wine produced by these generous plants is distinguished by internationally recognized particularity, a true product of excellence.

On a total area of 25 hectares of land we cultivate the vineyards of Primitivo, Negroamaro, Fiano, Chardonnay e Moscato aged between 5 and 60 years. A good part of the vineyards are implanted close to the sea, thanks to this particular microclimate and to the peculiar characteristics of the soil, we obtain excellent wines, combining simplicity and elegance in each bottle.

The wines

Our wines are born from a combination of traditional techniques handed down over time, from the use of modern technology and respect for the environment at every stage of production. That's how we get unique, elegant, fresh wines of outstanding quality.

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