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The Winery

The Winery

The history of Masseria Cicella begins when Michele and Cosimo Schifone acquire the land adjacent to the ancient Masseria Cicella located in the homonymous homeland of Torricella in Puglia, owned by the noble Bardoscia family, and planting Primitivo vineyards.
Subsequently, after so many sacrifices, they build a modern Cellar that develops on two levels where the bottling plant, the silos for wine processing and storage, an exhibition hall with a tasting room and a suitable area Aging and refining of wine in barrels and jars (capasoni).

The enologist's experience

The oenologist of Masseria Cicella is Michele Schifone. Michele completed his studies at the Agricultural Technical Institute "Basile-Caramia" Locorotondo specializing in Oenology. Subsequently, thanks to a long haul in several cellars of the territory and after countless sacrifices, together with his brother Cosimo, expert in techniques and work in the vineyard, succeed in realizing the dream of a lifetime, building a Winery of property. Today, the two brothers, who have always believed in the wine industry, carry on the vineyard tradition of a family that has been working for over two generations for the land and firmly believes in their work by producing excellent quality wines.

The tradition of Primitivo di Manduria


The vinification techniques used in Masseria Cicella are those traditionally used by those who transform these grapes into precious wine nectars for decades.
The grapes that came into the cellar are dirasped and conveyed into small capacity steel wine makers equipped with a temperature control mechanism. Small capacity containers (50 and 100 hl) are required, as in the case of Primitivo wine, to carry out a further selection of the different districts of origin and the age of the vineyard in order to highlight the best organoleptic characteristics that each soil offers.

Bottling and aging

The bottling area of Masseria Cicella is located on the basement of the building, about 5 meters deep, where the warehouse and the refining area are also located.

The plant is of the latest generation and is located in a separate area from the rest of the basement and is well protected from dust.

Barriques, barrels and jars or capasoni, where the wine is refined and aged, are kept in a quiet corner of the cellar, away from noises and movement.

The tasting room

On the ground floor of the building there are several areas: the exhibition hall with an adjoining tasting room, the office and the working area, in an adjacent building where there are silos for wine processing and preservation with the relative Equipment and machinery.

All visitors who come to visit Masseria Cicella are welcomed in the store and tasting room where you can sample, choose and buy all our wines, both bottled and bulk also in the practical and safe Bag in Box.

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