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The perfect terroir for Primitivo di Manduria

The lands of Masseria Cicella are located between the towns of Torricella, Lizzano and Maruggio in the province of Taranto. This is the best area for the production of Primitivo di Manduria, the undisputed king of our vineyards, which has its ideal habitat here and which we cultivate exclusively using the non-irrigated Apulian alberello system, as tradition dictates.


Producing wine at Masseria Cicella is not like producing wine anywhere else. History, art and culture deeply influence every moment of our work.

We care for each vine so that it brings each bunch to perfect maturity and listen to the wines rest in the silence of a quiet corner of our cellar.

The territory

We work in our vineyards respecting the environment and the land, without which nothing would be possible. That is why it is essential to give importance to the roots, the uniqueness of the land and creativity in local production.

The whole area is characterised by clayey soil produced by the disintegration of limestone, rich in minerals and iron which give the land its characteristic red colour. This is a perfect soil for wine production, it has excellent drainage characteristics compared to most clay soils.

Masseria Cicella wines

From the combination of traditional techniques and respect for the environment at every stage of production, we obtain elegant and unique wines with unique taste and smell characteristics.

The vineyards

Vines have always been part of the Apulian landscape and have been cultivated for thousands of years on this land amidst unspoilt nature and dry stone walls. The wine produced from these generous plants is distinguished by its internationally recognised distinctiveness, a true product of excellence.

On a total area of 25 hectares of land owned, we cultivate the vineyards of Primitivo, Negroamaro, Fiano, Chardonnay , Malvasia and Moscato which are between 5 and 60 years old.

A large part of the vineyards are planted close to the sea, thanks to this particular microclimate and the peculiar characteristics of the soil we produce excellent wines, managing to combine simplicity and elegance in each bottle.


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