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A modern winery with ancient roots

This is how Masseria Cicella presents itself, a modern winery immersed in the vineyards of the Torricella area, where we produce fine Apulian wines with excellent characteristics such as our Primitivo di Manduria Doc.

Our history

It all began with the acquisition of some land adjacent to the old Masseria Cicella and with the planting of the first Primitivo vines.

After many sacrifices, Cosimo and Michele Schifone built a modern winery with the desire to spread the incredible potential of Primitivo di Manduria and other indigenous varieties.

Michele Schifone, oenologist

After studying and specialising in oenology, and thanks to a long apprenticeship, Michele was able to realise his lifelong dream of building his own wine cellar.

Today it carries on the tradition of a family that has worked the land for generations and believes firmly in its work, producing wines of a superior level, succeeding in emerging on the Apulian wine scene with labels that embody the history and characteristics of this unique terroir.

Cosimo Schifone, vineyard manager

Cosimo, an expert in techniques and work in the vineyard, with passion and enthusiasm knows how to listen to the land and make decisions aimed first and foremost at the search for excellence, because working in the vineyards should not just be a habit but a rewarding daily challenge.

Cosimo's work enhances the personality of the wines, especially from the older vineyards, so as to bring out all the spirit contained in each bottle.

Masseria Cicella, sips of pleasure

We work with passion to produce and sell quality wines, made from a unique and surprising terroir, at the right price.


We vinify grapes harvested exclusively in our vineyards

Love for the land, passion for our work and respect for traditions coexist day after day with constant and renewed enthusiasm. And this is our philosophy: experimenting to perfect and enrich what already exists in order to offer wines of the highest quality.


The winemaking techniques practised at Masseria Cicella are those traditionally used by those who have been transforming these grapes into precious wine nectar for decades.

The grapes arriving at the winery are destemmed and conveyed to the small capacity steel vats equipped with a temperature control mechanism. The small capacity containers (50 and 100 hl) are necessary, as in the case of Primitivo wine, to carry out a further selection of the different districts of origin and the age of the vineyard in order to highlight the best organoleptic characteristics that each soil offers.

Ageing and bottling
Ageing and bottling

Masseria Cicella's bottling area is located in the basement of the building, at a depth of about 5 metres, where the warehouse and ageing area are also located.

The plant is of the latest generation and is located in a separate area from the rest of the basement and well protected from dust.

The barriques, barrels and jars or capasoni, where the wine is refined and aged, are kept in a quiet corner of the cellar, away from noise and movement.

Our wine shop
Our wine shop

On the ground floor of the building there are several areas: the exhibition sales point with an adjoining tasting room, the company office and the processing area, in an adjoining building, where there are silos for processing and storing wine with the relevant equipment and machinery.

All visitors who come to visit us at Masseria Cicella are welcomed into the sales point and tasting room where it is possible to taste, choose and purchase all our wines, both bottled and loose, also in the practical and safe Bag in Box.

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